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I need opinions... 1988 Mustang vs. 1985 Corvette

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Going to be racing a friend of mine soon, and I need to know what im up against.
Hes got an old school two-seater vette... 6spd tranny, and those V8's that packed around 300hp factory. Im very bow-tie retarded, so im not entirely sure on the numbers... The thing is bone stock though.
Im driving an 88lx... with a few mods:
Balanced and blue-printed 306ci, Mass-air converted, stock heads, stage 2 porting with larger valves, Trick Flow upper/lower, Edelbrock 70mm TB, custom cold-air, aggressive Crane cam (dont remember the specs off-hand), long tubes, off road X, flowmasters with dumps, Guyon racing upper/lower control arms, suspension techniques springs, 3:73's, centerforce dual friction clutch, cobra 17x9's with a decent rear tire, just to name a few of the mods... left some out im sure...

Whos gonna win this battle? Mainly quarter mile, not top speed... the vette definitely has me there...
I just need to know if its a safe bet for some money. :evillol:
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my bet would be that you will stomp his car. His will ahve very little more hp then you, but to me it sounds like you might have him in hp. Also your car weights nowhere near as much as his, and there was a huge differnece in hp from 1985, and hp from whenever you built your engine, like 2000 or whenever.
Those vette's kinda suck. Tune port 350s with no more than 250 horse at the crank. You should smoke him. A stock 5.0 with gears would run right with him and probably beat him.
1985 vettes had 230hp ,alittle off from 300!

stock 1985 `Vette new could do 0-60 in 5.7 and 1/4 in 14.10
So with your mods ,you should smoke him!
Excellent. :drink: :naughty
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