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I Nicked A Rim!!

2016 35
It finally happened. Mrs. Snack has the car today so I didn't get a chance to nab a pic for reference yet. I kissed a curb and put a nice little gouge in the rear passenger fanblade. D*mnit!

It's not too bad as it's right along the tire edge and I might be able to polish it with a Dremel or something but it just makes me mad because I know it's there. I was making a turn out of a parking lot and for some reason just cut it too close. Stupid. I'll see if I can get a pic up here for reference later.

I'm always so careful but I guess it was bound to happen. It would be a better story if I said I was running from the cops or something but nope... just plain zonin' out while driving and it's my own fault.

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Bad Snack... :nono: Maybe a small polishing attachment on the dremel?
Deep breaths everyone... :) Everything will be ok.
Exactly... What could be more important than that! Priorities... :bigthumbsup
I guess there are bigger things in this world to worry about... like are my cats getting enough cheese in their diets?:bigthumbsup
Gotta love those B A S T A R D S ! :hihi: I have a pack of 6!
I did the same thing. I pulled into a drive through teller lane, and just kissed the rim. I got most of it out using a fine metal-working Ba$tard (that's what it's called, but the computer won't let me use the proper word) file and some 600 grit wet and dry paper. It's not too bad now, but I still know it's there. Oh well, I want new rims anyway.
Anything's possible. :D
If only... :gringreen

My train of thought is more along the lines of... I scratched a rim time for Procharger. That's a bit hard to justify, though.
But if you can get takeoffs for $90 why not just buy more takeoffs rather than spend more money to have the damaged one fixed (of course I'm assuming an endless supply of takeoffs) :)
Another solution is to have a "spare" wheel. I purchased one of the NewTakeOffs Bullitt Charcoal 17" wheel for $89 (mint condition) a week after purchasing the car and stored it. I figure I will one day hit a curb or something. Then I will put the tire on this wheel and send the damaged one off to Wheels America who do a fantastic job of repairing most aluminum wheels for about $125-$150. Then the once damaged one will become the "spare" wheel.:hihi:
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