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i think i killed my engine. rough idle and no power

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yeah, i'm pretty sure i killed it good. how bad did i hurt it is the question :shiny:.

fyi because i almost forgot, my engine's a 1991 2.3 ford ranger. (when it was working right it pulled like a banshee!)

for like the last 2 weeks i been running my stang hard and fast (making up for lost time), and he started acting terrible. runs rough, shakes, rough and low idle, and nothing even resembling power. did a smoke test and found leaking from the valves in the 2nd and 3rd cylinders. i seafoamed and a TON of carbon came out. did a dry compression test and got 120 across the board. i still hafta do a wet compression check tho. i gotta see whether its just the head, or is my bottom end is also toast from busted rings. (my knock sensor is fully functional, so i at least know it wasnt detonating.)

i just wanna double check that i havent missed any tricks/tests that anyone might know about so i can get an accurate picture of what kinda shape the bottom end of my engine's in. that way i can figure out if its worth it to just replace the head, or whether i gotta hunt out a whole new engine. hopefully one with the holy grail of TURBO.

thanks folks. :laughlitt
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Did you do a leak down test to find out if it's leaking air from rings/exhaust valve/intake valve? The tool is $40ish at harbor freight, and u need so kind of compressor. Plug in a vacuum gauge to, see what it reads.
sorry for taking so long to reply, life can be marvelously complicated sometimes.:yup:

i did a leakdown test and the valves were the only leaks. actually, i didnt think to take any vacuum readings. durr on me. thanks for the suggestion tho, i should have time tomorrow to vacuum check it.
i ordered a new head to put on it, because the bottom end seems like it will hold out for long enough to justify the $300 i spent on the head. :winks and jic the vacuum readings dont wind up being favorable i can return the head.
I don't understand your troubleshooting procedure at all. Guessing what the problem is will cause a lot of wasted effort. Did you read the troublecodes? If so, what did you get? Do you know if any of the cylinders are not firing? Tell me how you determined that the valves were leaking. You have not posted nearly enough information to make a judgement as to the condition of the engine.
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