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I think this kid likes his mustang a little too much.......

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Haha i found this online today and thought you guys might get a kick out of it......

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Big craybaby... :weeps
I kinda feel his pain... I worked for 3 years to save money for my first car and put 3k down and made like 2k worth of payments on it before I got to drive it. When I got my license, I drove it for a month and it got wrecked on the way home from school. Dad let the insurance company total it out and I got nothing from it but a bum back!

My third stang got hit and totaled out because some chick decided to blow a stop sign and the insurance company f***ed me there too. Pretty bad since I put like 4k into it and had full coverage on it for everything I had done to it! My insurance company ended up sueing them and got the money for me.

Kinda hard to let something go so easily that you put so much into. I think of my stang like one of my kids. Mess with one or the other and we are going to go rounds!
What a couple of ass monkeys! They are lucky that guy's kinda wussy. If it were me, they would be a couple of laying on ground wallowing in pain bastards (one with a video camera up his ass), begging me to quit trashing their tow truck. I feel like tracking them down just for the principle of the matter.
All I can say is "Pay You Bills" then he wouldn't be on the tape!
Most Repo men carry so you "Trashing" his truck would be out of the picture.
It's not a repo man, it's a tow truck company pulling his car off a parking lot without giving him a chance to prove if he had a right to be there or not. Low life as that is, that is not the problem I have with these ass wipes. The fact they are making sport of bullying this kid is the problem I have.

If a tow truck is hooked to my car without my permission, and the cops didn't call for it, far as I'm concerned it's theft, and I have a right to protect my property.
8-T-Tree said:
All I can say is "Pay You Bills" then he wouldn't be on the tape!
Most Repo men carry so you "Trashing" his truck would be out of the picture.
Well, I really don't know how to take this one.

On one hand, they did mock him and make fun of him.

On the other, the guy is a whining little s***.

Eh, I'll leave it at that.
RE-Watched it, I retract my statement.
What a whinney little b****! I sympathize with the kid, but man he could have handled it at lot better than he did. That tow truck driver was a real **** though.
Damn......all that over $55....
The point wasn't so much the $55, as that the kid worked there and had a right to park there. He stopped the tow truck in the parking lot, and explained to the driver what the deal was, then when the driver asked him to prove it, the kid went back into the office to get it, and the guy tried to take off with his car. The kid stopped him on the street, and started his temper tantrum, then the driver had the nerve to tell him that it was now $95, because the car was now on the street and not in the lot, plus he was going to add additional charges for the kid stopping him.

I would have called the cops and pressed auto theft and extortion charges against the tow truck driver, because that's exactley what he did. I bet his attitude would have turned right around, and the kid would still have his ride.
Hmmm, well the guy might've parked in the wrong spot, too. I've never had a car towed - at least not one that could still be driven:evillol: . I always choose my spot carefully, and back into it. And if he lived across the street, WTF was he doing driving to work?!!! If I was that dude, (I swear it wasn't me!) I woulda just hopped into the car and sat there and calmed down and waited for the heat to show up, and rationally plead my case. He wouldn't have been able to get away with any violence in that situation(if that boy could land a punch correctly, I bet he could do some damage). Never take your revenge(revenge is only cool if you've REALLY been screwed over)until you have your ride safely back!!!
Still, I can't help but think that the tow-truck guy knew he was outta line and was looking to swipe some parts of something. Those guys are often pretty big ******** - I know, I'm friends with some. They told me not to buy a rig and get in the business.
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