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icing the intake

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ok y do people ice the intake? alls that does is cause delay at the track because the crew has to clean up the mess at the line. icing is not going to cool the air intake heat because the air goes by it to fast and if it was the case i think the pros would do this all the time. makes no sence,your not changin the flash point of the fuel, because that would make a differance.

my bid to stop long delays at the track...:)
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well;guess your mind is made up.
It made a big different about 3 tenths for my car and I dont make a mess I ice the intake for 30-45 min then drive to the line and push in or keep turning it off and on till I get to the lights. Intake stills stayes cool as ice%%%%
I agree with Justin. Made a difference here as well. You DO NOT keep the ice on the intake in the lines.
It makes a big difference with my car....But I only use it when i'm in the pits cooling off....Cold intake means HP....Is How nitrous works....Nitrous is not flammable as most think...
I ice mine in the pits between runs as well then push it through the staging lanes. I notice at least a tenth when its iced. I have my ice in sealed plastic so no water sits on the motor and none finds its way to the track surface.
My pap has noticed a difference as well. Put ice in good freezer storage bags and use a towel. The bag will condense so just wipe up the water before you get to the line. Push the car. I've iced mine, then let it sit and it got hot again. I needed to ice mine for longer, he soak gets ya. My dad's has a phenolic spacer between the upper and lower and also on the back of the plenum, and it is noticably easier to cool down.

I wish you guys were as courteous as the ricer locals at our local track...They will pull up in there ricer with the A/C dripping on the track, neon on and there girlfriend jumps out right before they screaming dowm the:evillol: track at a blazing 16 seconds....
anyone ever try those co2 intakes? i was just wondering if they work as good as they seem like they would. heres a couple linx if you dont know what im talkin about.
ok, after posting that last message i got to thinking. i live in NJ, the summer heat doesnt bother me at all, i havent used my a/c all summer. what if i was to get the hookup for the co2 intake (The Interfreezer on and hook it up to the a/c compressor. obviously i would no longer have a/c in the car, which i dont really mind because i already said i dont use it, but there would be freeon (dont know how to spell it) constantyly flowing through the "interfreezer" which would, i would think, make the air flowing through it colder. am i just crazy or does anyone else think this might work?
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