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Idiot's Guide to Vinyl Stripe Buying

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A few weeks ago I had vinyl stripes put on my baby. There's a thread in The Mustang Source forums if you want the whole story... (it's also on my guide I reference here)
Essentially I want to help other people avoid my disaster and hopefully this can help.
I was a real idiot!

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Ugghh some of that stuff (slight widening gap on front bumper) is hard to avoid. To many curving surfaces on that part. Bubbles, dirt under the material, messy cut outs, and under paint scoring are just lazy sloppy workmanship.
nghtrnnr said:
widening stripe gaps are the easiest to avoid...what do you mean
I'm talking about this spot on the front bumper. The spot most installers have trouble with and yours didn't work on at all.


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