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Idle issues with 98 3.8l v6

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So my lately after driving around for awhile my idle will start to become erratic. The rpm's will drop off very slowly and sometimes hold around 1500 and then drop off below 500 making the car start to bog down and sometimes die. I've already tried cleaning the MAF sensor, the throttle body, and IAC valve and it helped a little but it still seems to bounce around randomly. Anybody had this issue before and been able to fix it? It's really annoying.
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For high idle start by looking for vacuum leaks in the PCV system.

For low idle start by looking for leaks between the MAF and the TB butterfly.

Check for vacuum leaks through out the intake system. Vacuum leaks=bad.

Here's some more information:
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I agree with checking the vacuum lines. Some of mine were totally dry rotted. Rubber + 16 years + heat = bad
So I ended up checking the vaccum lines and a few of them were really dry and scuffed up, kind of flakey to. One of them was so damaged it had slipped of a line that leads to the intake. I put a clamp on that hose and now it runs fine unless I run the car real hard. Gonna replace all the bad hoses and lines and everything should go good. basket.gif
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