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Idle too high

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Hello Everyone,
Just reinstalled my motor after doing an oil pan gasket replacement. While doing this process, I replaced my CAI from a beat up BBK to a new SR one and a stock throttle body to a 75MM SR throttle body.
Now when I start my car the idle sticks at exactly 1500rpm. Once I unplug the IAC it goes down to 900rpm “where I like it”.
I have traced all vacuum, wires, etc. I don’t want to blindly start replacing IAC’s and TPS’s as I’ve read many people doing that and it not fixing the issue. Btw I cleaned out the IAC as well with TB cleaner.
What am I missing?
Thanks for your responses
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Put the bbk gear back on. Please.

Money says your maf tube, cai and tb are all too big for your tune
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