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idles fine but power loss under load

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I have a 93 lx with several bolt ons as well as a p1sc procharger setup. I dont see the s/c being relevant to my problem so I posted here instead of power adders. I have removed belt from s/c and am currentlt not running it so everything else is set up for non forced induction..spark plugs, maf, etc.
I recentlt changed the water pump and the car was running great pulling hard prior to this. All I did was change the water pump. ..thats it

After firing her up and goimg for a test drive everything seemed fine until she got warm. I noticed it sounded like an exhaust leak...which I checked and there isnt one...and there was a noticeable loss of power. It only does this when the car is under load also. It can warm up and idle and there are no skipping or exhaust leak "sounds" coming from the engine but when I go down the road its almost as if shes running on 7 cylinders.

I have checked the obvious such as IAC and ECT sensor and they are fine. No codes and fuel pressure is fine also. It has me stumped and I appreciate all advice and everyones time...I challenge the best of you haha
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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