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Idling Too High

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My 2000 V6 is idling at a steady 1100 rpm, even after it's warm. I didn't notice this before I changed the air and fuel filter, but believe it should be idling at 700 rpm?

Any suggestions like cleaning the MAF?

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Check the vacuum lines, you might have left one disconnected or, disconnected one by mistake when you changed the air filter and it's affecting the idle control. LUK
can you tell me how many vacuum lines there are and where they're located? thx
Check your emissions decal under the hood, the vacuum diagram is there. Just go over the air filter area and check for any disconnected lines, you could also check with the engine @idle for any hissing sound indicative of a disconnected/broken vacuum line. GL
I've checked the vacuum lines, all are in tact. I disassembled the air intake to reveal the MAF and it looked pristine, but I shot it with the computer contact cleaner.

It's still idling at 1100 rpm? I'm thinking I may need to take er in to have a diagnostic run on it....aargh.
for any and all who are following this, it turned out to be a faulty TPS, "throttle position sensor" located next to the air intake.

computer diagnostics did not turn up a fault code, but mechanic figured it out. not certain why it went bad, one of those electronic things though.
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