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If you go back to stock tune, do ABS faults stay?

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So a few times now I have had a problem with Advanctrac coming on as described here: 2011+ V6 Mustang Tech - Page 2 Forum |
So last night it happened again and I went stock tune. I found a parts store that loaned me a scanner that can read ABS trouble codes, only none where there. Where they erased when I went stock, or are there just none being stored, which case ford will say there isn't anything that can be done and send me on my way.
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The ABS is separate from the PCM, whatever tune is on the PCM will not have any affect on the ABS.
Thats what I figured, so it's likely a waste of time going to the dealer with no codes stored, correct?
If you're having a problem I would take it in no matter whether you found codes or not, ABS and stability control are nothing to mess with.
Thats what I figured, so it's likely a waste of time going to the dealer with no codes stored, correct?
Not a waste of time at all. They should be able to pick up codes from the Body Control Module which controls things such as ABS.
Take it in, that way you atleast have record of service problems. It would help your case down the road if any problems arise after warranty is out. :cooldude:
Well, its 6:35 and here I sit waiting for the dealer to open. Yay.
And......wait for it.....they found nothing. * shocker*
Ok, it did it again,...stock. Only this time I was able to catch the tail end on video:
‪Advacetrac coming on, on its own.‬‏ - YouTube
So I am going to send this to my dealer as proof, but what recourse do I have? They already said no codes are stored because of it. Man I hate trying to convince car dealers to fix broken stuff.
Just got back from dealer again. They wanted to scan for codes again, and again found nothing. They said they are going to call the hotline to get some guidance in to it. One of the techs thought it may be a yaw sensor going, but when scanned came back ok. So who knows. Very frustrating.
Good. They're trying. Giv'em a chance.
Good. They're trying. Giv'em a chance.
Oh I am,...still frustrating though. Hopefully tech support at Ford can point them somewhere and it doesnt turn in to a game of lets blindly start changing stuff just for the sake of it. On a plus side, however, they did say they will give me a loaner if they keep it.
At dealer again to leave it. They are giving me a loaner so that's good.
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