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I recently purchased a wrecked 2004 Mustang with the 3.8 engine. There is much to do to repair it, and I will need to move it periodically. My problem is that the previous owner can not find the key. I can have a locksmith come out and make and program a new key for $125.00, but at this time I only will need to unlock the steering column and gear shifter. I am trying to get to the ignition lock to remove it, but ran into a snag. I removed the steering wheel, but there is a plastic disc that covers the ignition lock and prevents access. I can not figure how to remove it without breaking it. I don't want to invest another $125.00 in the car right now as I am not sure that I can repair all of the damage, and may have to part it out. If I get the ignition lock out I can take it to a locksmith and have a key made for about $10.00. I don't need to start the engine because the crank is broken inside the timing cover and I will need to replace it. (the crankshaft)
BTW... I have a 93 lincoln 3.8 engine. Is it possible that the crankshafts will interchange?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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