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I'm New,2006 Mustang

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Hi, my names Cory and i plan on purchasing a white, 2006, 5-speed manual mustang next month. I was searching for a close estimate of insurance prices when i stumbled upon this forum. So can anyone tell me what they pay for a similar stang every six months or a year. I'm 19 and have had my liscense for three years with a clean record.
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Full coverage? About 167 a month.
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Depends on if it's a V6 or V8.
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the car will be a v6
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The only way to say for sure what insurance will cost you is to get a quote from your insurance agent. It depends on the insurance company, if you want full coverage, and some insurance companies give you a discount if you have multiple cars (if you get/are on your parent's plan).
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:wavey Welcome to AFM and the forums :bigthumbsup there was a post 2 days ago on prices everyone was paying on isur. check back in the posts for a few days and you`ll find it. 2005+ talk forum
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