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I'm really confused .....water pump

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I have a 1989 5.0 . Blew the engine so I replaces it with a 1995 . Installed the water pump , and it began to leak instantly. Changed the gaskey ...did it again ... same thing ... 4 times ....

I realized that the gasket does't fit with the water pump . I added pictures to explain :

- the gasket fits perfectly on the timing cover

- the gasket fits on the outsite of the water pump ... but not on the inside ??!!

- The leak happened 4 times on the same place , where the arrow "#1" is ....

- On the timing cover , there is a 2 threaded holes for a bolt (arrow #2) , AND the gasket has the place fot those bolts, but not on the pump

Please help ..I'm confused!! :headscratch:


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you water pump is missing its backing plate..... return it if you bought it from a store... your best bet would be to pick up a ford racing water pump M-8501-C50 its a stock replacement and under 50 bucks
I think you have the wrong water pump for your 95 engine. if the gasket matches your time cover but not the pump, then either the pump or the cover are not the correct part for your engine.
I would take your pump and timing cover to the auto parts store and match it with other water pump gaskets and other water pumps. maybe some else can chime in and explain if you have a truck pump or a different year 5.0 pump or timing cover. you just never know until you do the trial and error tests.
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'94-'95's use a different TC and WP then Fox cars... A fox-style TC requires a fox-style pump, while the SN stuff has to stay together as well.

Rednotch and Brent05 are both right... The pump is missing it's rear cover, but it is also the wrong one. You're trying to bolt an SN style pump onto a fox-style cover.

If you're planning on using the fox accessories, you need to use all fox parts from the TC on up. The same applies if you are planning to use the SN stuff.
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The one you see is a 87-93 . I went to an auto part store , asked for a 95 water pump ...It doesn't fit at all , not even a bolt ....
The pump you see on the pictures fit on this timing cover ... but I think it leaks because there is 2 "missing" bolts on the water pump .
Look a the picture "timing cover gasket" , there is 2 arrow ... those holes are not accessible with my 87-93 water pump

I'm sorry , it's a little bit hard to explain ...

And I removed the rear cover ...I have it... sorry
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looking at the cover,it seems like an older set-up,pre 87....try an older style pump,thats what it looks like to me,hope that helps....
when i did mine i bought it from autozone i got the kit all i told them is that it was a 302 and the kit came with three diferant gaskets one of which i am assuming was for a fox body pump just go grab another one from the store but tell em its a 95
Ok! I searched like a dumb ass .. but I found that my timing cover comes from a 1987 LTD crown vic 5.0 ... I didn't expected that lol
Thank you all ....

The timing cover are found in the LTD crown vic and the 1993 mustang cobra also ......

I just have to change my water pump and that's it :)
I bet your water pump is not suited to your car. That will really cause you a big problem like that one you're experiencing right now. You might wanna check it out on your dealer on give your mechanic a call.

Check this out!
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Glad you found the problem.
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