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Infinity Kappa 682.7cf

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Hi guys, I'm trying to pick some new speakers for the doors and rear deck. I don't intend on doing any other audio mods. I have the Shaker 500 system.

Has anyone used these speakers? They are $149.99 a pair from Crutchfield.
94db sens.
2 way

Any other high efficient speakers I should consider? I don't want to do any cutting or customizing if possible.
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I have the 572.3cfs (5x7) in my 02 Sporttrac in the front doors. They are awesome speakers. Great bass and clear highs. I totally recommend the Infinitys. In fact, I am probably going to get some for my GT if and when I get done with my other more pressing mods. :laughlitt

Anyone else? I guess I'll order a pair and report back.
I have a set of Kenwood 6x8 3-ways in my car. I think they sound great. I'm using an aftermarket head, but you should see the same improvement with the Shaker 500. They mount using the same holes, and I got some wire adapters at Best Buy (also available at Crutchfield) that allow a simple plug-in installation to the factory harness.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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