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Injector Swap Out

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Anyone know about how long it takes to change out the injectors in a 95 with a 302? They came in yesterday and I am trying to play for how long the car will be down. thanks!
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Shouldn't take long, but it all depends on your skill level. Remove the upper plenum, disconnect injectors from fuel rail, disconnect jetronic connectors, and the injectors pop right out.

EDIT: 95s are not jetronic are they? Hehe, you know what I mean! :p
If you have the strut-tower brace add a little time for that, and possibly if the old gasket needs to be scraped. Don't forget the bolts under the emblem, and the rest is quite simple. If you work pretty slowly, 2 hrs. max.
Thanks guys for the comments. I am about 40 minutes into the project and got the first side swapped out already.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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