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Inline 6 swap to 302 v8

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I was looking to replace the worn out/tired motor in my 1966 mustang coupe. I was looking to put a 302 v8 into it because 289 are hard to come by. I was hoping people on this forum could help me with the motor selection. I found this on craigslist. It is a 71' 302 v8 that that was rebuilt. Good idea? Thanks!

Ford 302

BTW, I know that the brakes, rear end, suspension, etc have to be changed as well.
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Nice paint on it! At 375 bucks, you won't be out much if it does need rebuilt. See if they'll let you inspect the crank and rod journals.
Except for the paint on the flywheel, that sure "looks" like a good deal... but you know what they say about "too good to be true"... I'd be very skeptic that there's no hidden problems, because a rebuilt motor that complete should easily fetch $2,000 or more.

I think we need to start a seperate Mustang inline 6 to V8 conversion message board. We'll call it All Ford Motor Swaps. :gringreen
if I was you, I'd look for a modern 5.0 roller motor, easy to come by
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