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Input: Steeda Sport Lowering Springs

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I currently have the Eibach Sport Line springs installed. Although I love the aggressive look and handling, I have come to the conclusion they are simply too much of a pain -- can't go over certain speed bumps, have to be selective on which driveways or parking lots I can pull into, have to watch for any bumps or pebbles in the road --- grrrrr. I really don't believe any type of adjustable shock is going to really correct the problem especially in the clearance department. I chock it up to a lesson learned the hard way.

I was thinking about changing to the Eibach Pro but once again I ran into another owner who has them installed and he wasn't too thrilled with the quality of his ride. You also have over an inch drop with the Pro which really didn't ring any of my bells.

I did hear and read positive things about the Steeda Sport lowering springs. They drop your vehicle 1 inch all the way around vs the Eibach Sport Line drop of 2 inches in the rear and 1.7 inches in the front.

So went ahead and ordered a set of the Steeda lowering springs. Am I going to need any additional parts/mods with the Steeda Sport lowering springs? Comments on the Steeda springs would be welcomed.

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I have the steeda springs and Tokico adj shocks and struts... The only reason I got the Tokico ADJ was for drag racing, I had no weight transfer and smoked my slicks down the track... I went back to the track after install and tried again with all the way soft and I smoked them again all the way down the track... So they didn't do what was expected. I keep them set really stiff like it use to be with stock shocks/struts and never change the settings. To me they are worthless cause who rides around with a soft suspension in a sports car?? You should of bought a luxury car if you wanted that. My intercooler bottoms out on every single speed bump if I don't go at a angle... (To me that looks stupid too)..
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