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Insanemustangs king of the street clash

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Well, we just had our first annual Insanemustang's Race at Julesburg Raceway in Nebraska.
We had a great turn out for the event and first i would like to thank everyone that attended. Second, everyone should take a minute and thank our sponsor's for the special event; LittleRay's Property Management, whom set up the event and Lined up the trophies and the Entire race line up., whom helped with Placement earning's and with the set up of the event. The RPM Shop of Fort Collin's Colorado, whom donated the money for the trophies and for the Placement earning's, and lastly Our site and member's here at

The event which started at 7:30am on Sunday October 1st, 2005 in julesburg Nebraska, and lasted until 7:00pm that nite. We had a total of 22 car's in a double elimination. Thanks to LittleRay's effort and the blister's he recieved on his feet, everyone got a chance to race for First place, and Perfect Light.
Sad to report, but we did not have anyone make the perfect light at .000, though many came close, nobody was able to Git R Dun.
At the End of the day, we were down to 2 People: Michelle Huffman and her 1992 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe (supercharged V-6) and Barry Newport and his Strawberry Red Nitrous Powered Mustang. They warmed up their tires, pulled up to the light's. The light's ran down for Michelle and her supercoupe first, and she was off. Next came the light's down for Barry and his strawberry Mustang, and he was off. It was nerve racking watching to see who the winning light would go to, Michelle or Barry, second's seemed like minute's, and with both car's at the end of the track, The winning Light went to Michelle Huffman.
Michelle quickly became Insanemustang's King of the Street's, Champion.
Barry Becam Insanemustang's King of the Street's, Runner up.
Justin Leech came in third place with his 1965 Ford Mustang.

We had a brief trophy ceremony after the race's were completed. Michelle recieved the champion Trophy, $400.00 buck's and an Insanemustangs T-shirt.
Barry recieved the Runner up Trophy, $300.00 buck's and an Insanemustangs T-shirt.
Justin recieved $200 bucks for his 3rd place placement and we did have a 4th place which recieved $100.00 buck's, but i didn't get his information.

I believe everyone that entered had a great time and we will have the 2nd annual insanemustangs king of the street clash set up for next year around the same time as this race.

Thanks, hotwheels