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Installing a 1967 fan shroud

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Hey guys,

Trying to install a fan shroud on my '67 restomod and having trouble with it hitting up against the fan. I am running a 17" fan with a 3 core radiator and the fan hit up against in on the top. I have tried to stretch the shroud but it seems it will only go so far. It seems to me the shroud is deformed as it has a bow downward at the mid/top section. Does anyone have any ideas to make this look good?

Maybe a smaller spacer between the camshaft pulley and the fan itself to gain more clearance away from the shroud?

Thanks in advance.
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The fan needs to be half in and half way out of the shroud to be efficient. Since the fan is hitting at the top, have you checked the condition of the transmission mount? If it is deterioriated, the engine will have an upward tilt. If it's in good condition, it can be shimmed up if it doesn't affect the angles of the driveline, the shift/clutch linkage or accelerator linkage to where they can't be adjusted to compensate.

What's the deal with the shroud? It sounds like it's deformed. It may be much easier to just replace it with one that has the correct shape or maybe adjust its mounting points by slotting the holes. The fan really needs to be in the proper position in relation to the shroud or its purpose is defeated. If the above aren't options, you may have to consider a smaller diameter fan. Dropping its diameter an inch or so isn't going to affect cooling that much, but its depth into the shroud is important.

If you really want to keep the shroud that you have, you can try clamping it into the shape needed and applying heat from a heat gun. Keep it clamped in position until it has had time to cool. Just a thought.
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