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Installing cd player in 91

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I see no other audio here, but I believe this is a tech subject.

I just ordered a Pioneer DEH-P80MP, along with speakers and other accessories to install into a 91 coupe. The problem is, I went to Bestbuy today and discovered it would cost me at least $150 to have it installed by them. I dunno about anyone else, but I don't want to add a $150 bill on top of a $300 cd player ($400 from bestbuy).
Bestbuy>>> :sterb: <<<my wallet

If you haven't figured out yet, I'd like to know how to go about doing this without spending so much money. Hopefully someone here has done this already.

Btw speakers are factory replacement, I'm not putting in subwoofers or anything :p
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If you have a soldering gun or iron you are one step ahead. All you need is the adapter to fit into old radio spot and the aftermarket adapter harness that plugs into your factory harness.

There are 3 simple power wires, 12v constant (Red wire) , yellow wire 12v switched power (gets signal from the ignition to turn on), and the ground (black wire).

The rest are the speaker wires, two per speaker. The harness adapter is labeled with speaker locations and if they are the positive or negative wire. You just match those up and solder them.

Always use the shrink tube over soldered connections, or at the very least black electrical tape over each wire.
I do have plenty of soldering items to get the job done if that's all I need to do :)

The guy at Bestbuy said something about those mustangs having an amp of some sort behind the factory radio? I just need to know really how to wire this thing.

Rereading your post for the 5th time or so, I see you mention an aftermarket wiring harness. The guy said he could sell me one but he needed to look at the car first. He also said he couldn't tell me much about how that stuff works. So basically, it may all just be a marketing ploy Bestbuy uses to sell more stuff.

Just to make sure, should I buy an aftermarket "cd player harness thingy" as well?
Yes just get the harness. I removed the factory amplifier because it did nothing for my radio. The factory amp is directly behind the old radio and is easy to remove.

There are only two harnesses that need something plugged into it. The harness is like $8 - $15
Wire or cd player harness? Since he said there were two wiring harnesses, if that's what I'm supposed to get, should I get the one that has nothing to do with the amp then?

Sorry, complete newbie in car audio components areas :dunce: I like to make absolutely sure of things before I go do them. I've researched how to install speakers for like the past week and just started on the cd player. I have a week until I go back to Ohio, so whatever I can learn in that amount of time :) I don't think I'll need to research how to install seat covers, floor mats, a steering wheel cover, and cd visor covers. I hope not anyway...
Inside the wire harness kit are two wire harnesses. I should have clarified that. There is one with a black end and a white. Match them up with your factory ones and you are good to go.
So I take it this is what you're talking about:

And that is all I need then? Besides the adapter so that it fits into the spot. Though the adapter they had looked a bit weird to me. Didn't seem like it'd fit this cd player.
Those look like the right adaptors. I just did a cd install on my 93 like 2 months ago, got the adaptor from wally-world for like 6 bucks. On mine there were two extra leads under the dash, but I think they went to the cars stock amp (long gone), I ignored them, just hooked up the power and speaker harness, no sweat. .
Oh yes, does this operation entail me removing the dashboard or just the radio area?
nope, just the radio area. You shouldn't have to mess with anything else.

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