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Installing engine block only--engine mounts enough or is rear support needed?

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To continue the saga from my other thread...

I'm going to be dropping just the fully assembled engine block (no pulleys, belts, alternator, etc) in the engine bay to store the engine in order to condense space and make it so it will be easier to move the engine when I have to move the car in a year or so.

So I just want to drop the engine into the engine bay and bolt down the engine mounts (no transmission). My question is will the engine mounts be enough or is rear support needed?
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The mounts are good enough for a short period of time but for any long storage I'd support the back. A ratchet strap up to one of the shock tower/firewall braces would probably do it.
FWIW I left my trans out over the winter with my motor sitting on the mounts no drama.
Support it. The stress on the rubber part of motor mounts won't show up immediately unless they are bad to start with. Ratchet strap is cheap insurance and you can still move the vehicle.
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