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Installing U/D Pulleys

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Hey everyone
i have some questions about installing my ealrly 01 steeda u/d pulleys that i havent been able to find anywhere else on the internet
-first off do i need the pulley puller and the install kit or do i just need the puller since the kit comes with the longer bolt
-after installing the pulleys do i have to allow time for the rtv sealant to dry before starting my car and for how long if i do?
-any tips to make the install go smoother would be apprecitated!
im hoping to get start the install this afternoon
thanks everyone
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You will need a harmonic balancer pulley puller. Autozone, Advanced, O reillys, etc will sell it to you and then let you return it if it is undamaged. They call it a "free" rental or something.

You can reinstall the balancer with the longer bolt but make sure you follow the directions fully or you WILL have issues.

As for the RTV, you can let it sit an hour or so if you want to. I never used any and had mine off 2x and never had a leak. If you want to be safe though, wait 1-2 hours after the install before starting the car to make sure it is cured.

The directions are online if you don't have a copy.
can you explain the harmonic balancer torquing procedure more clearly?
i know you have to tighten it at 66ft/lbs and then back off one turn and then what?
thanks a bunch!
there is the one for steeda from Americanmuscle watched it a couple times and they explain everything well. good luck to you!

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