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&@!!*% Intake Manifold

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Son of a !!!!!!!

Just like my 96 stang, my intake manifold on my 1999 GT broke TODAY!!!! Lucky for me I caught it before it over heated.

Bought the intake manifold from Summit Racing for 209 shipped to me.

Will have the local mustang shop install it next week after I get the manifold.

There could be a semi happy ending though, the class action lawsuit settlement against ford for the intae problem well most likely be accepted on September 30, 2005. Reimbursements will be given out for the people who had to change their manifolds or if the car is under seven years old Ford will replace the manifold if it breaks.

Go here if you want to see the full documentation:

Yey? :confused:

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Well, I wanted to make sure I wasn't wrong about the leak, so I took a video of the leak. This will be good for those that might be stumped in the future about where the leak comes from.

Leak Video

Anyone know the specified time alottment for a mechanic to change the intake? I just want to make sure I get a good price from a mechanic.

Thank you,
The standard time is 3.0 hrs to replace entire intake manifold W/ parts changeover.
I just took my car in to get it fixed, they changed the manifold (thanks for the 1700 bill ford!) and not two weeks later... exact same problem that i was having before... except... about 10 times worse... i think there's going to be more than just that one lawsuit on their hands... i'm sorry to anyone who thinks the ford dealership is all high and mighty, but they're freggin idiots, they promised me 8 years on the car, that nothing would go wrong, which for the bill i got, i believed them... and low and behold!!!!
ford definitely gets fourty THOUSAND thumbs down
(if you can't tell i JUST got home from taking it in)
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