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Intalled my SLP Loudmouths today....

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If you are thinking of getting them go for it, I am very happy with them. great sound. easy to install, I didnt even jack the car up.

I would put a clip of them but I have no clue how to, :headscratch:

Edit: Installed.... missed a letter in the title:laugh:
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Congrats... Best sounding axleback in my opinion.
Thats how I installed my axleback. Didnt jack the car up. Really easy. Did you get a warm fuzzy feeling from doing it yourself? I do.
yeah, I do everything by myself....I never have people help me. I did this all by myself.....(see pic) 5" suspension, 3" body, went up 10" total after tires. I was the only one to touch the truck during the lifting. I take lots of pride in doing stuff myself.


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