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Integra tries to pick on a Mach 1...hahahahaha

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So I'm driving home from my weekly Mustang club meeting (Wild Horses San Diego) going down the 78 East in Oceanside, CA. I notice a white Integra behind me, trying to pass up cars to get even with me so it seems. He finally does, and does a fly-by going by some more cars. So I think to myself, too many cars around to chase him, I'll just chill and hope we clear traffic together. After a few exits, I pass a few cars and have a good half mile in front of me with no cars and a nice straight. I slow down to wait for him cause he got stuck in traffic again, down shift to 4th and cruise at about 3k rpm till he lines up next to me. I'm rolling down my window to show him 3 fingers meaning I'll honk 3 times, but as I'm halfway down with the window, he downshifts and takes off. Man it was glorious, a white Integra, not sure if it was GS-R or anything else, but it had the VTEC badge in the back, an exhaust, and a bright ass blue shift/tach light that I could tell for sure. So he pulls half a car in front cause I'm still amazed by how slow it's pulling, I shift into 3rd, 4.5K rpm ride it to 6k I'm half a car in front, shift to 4th, and it's over from there. Get to about 3 car's in front before we hit traffic again so I slow down, he catches up, I'm about to give him a thumbs up and ask if he wants to go again, but he just waves, and fly's by cutting through traffic. I'm not THAT stupid so I just ease off and get off on the next exit and head home.
Makes me wonder why some people say we "PICK" on the 4-cyl's, I hardly ever do, unless I'm having a bad day and need some entertainment. Oh well, just wanted to share with yall
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:thumbupJustifiable homicide.:thumbup
Great job! Feels good to be the good guy, doesn't it?:clap
You've had two cars stolen from you?! That sucks. Hope no one lays a finger on the one your driving now. Love them Mach 1's
YORCHI said:
Makes me wonder why some people say we "PICK" on the 4-cyl's, I hardly ever do, unless I'm having a bad day and need some entertainment. Oh well, just wanted to share with yall
First off, Good Kill :thumbsup Your Mach is one badass car :worship .
I dont understand why a guy in a Integra would even try :shrug Not unless his TEG has major mods in it.

Anyways, im one of those guys that ask why pick on 4 cyl's. The reason why is I do get alot of people challenging me ( especially moded V8 Mustangs ) ever since I got my ITR. Sometimes I just look away ( depends on the car of course ) or get on my cell & pretend I got a phone call :sosad: I get so mad sometimes, I wish im driving my S4 at the time.

Hey I gotta admit I had my share of ricer kills, when I had my Cobra but I do it because they started it. But most of them dont usually start with me consdering the Cobra growled like a monster but you do get some stupid f**k's out there.

Just the other day I was on the freeway & saw a gorgeous 70 GTX, I pulled up on him with the ITR and gave him a :thumbup At first he probably thought I wanted to race, but all I want to do is admire his car. I usually do that especially now that I have no American Muscle car.
I really love American Muscle car it doesn't matter what it is.
This is the first time in the last 14 years that I dont own an American Muscle Car and it sucks! but the S4 makes up for it :winks

What was I talking about again??????????????????? Ahhhhhhhh f*ck it, kill all ricers. But take it easy on me im just checking out your Ride :cool:
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im all for killing the 4 cillinders, they all need a reality check if there about to chalange a mustang
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