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Currently drive a 04 GT, and it came with a nasty brown-tan type interior. I'm getting Cobra seats, off a 03... and those are black with the silver.... anyway I want to know if you guys think It's a good idea to take out my interior and paint it all black... and if so what type of paint should i go with? krylon flat black? im getting new carpet also, so that isnt a problem at all. ....

thanks! :eyebulge:
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Don't screw around with the paint. It is very tough to have plastic parts painted.
A friend of mine owns a body/paint shop; he once told me that:
You first have to clean the plastic parts (1st product)
Then you have to apply a special, flexible primer (2nd product)
Then you want to go with the color (3rd product)
If you chose a metallic color you need to clear coate the color (4th product)

-> Just get the parts you need from a JY. It is a lot easier...
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