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Into the 12s

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New personal best . . [email protected] :)
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Kick AZZZ!!!!!

Now,,,,open the attachment.....


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LMAO . . .nice pic!

I wasn't the fastest car at FFW today . . but I WAS the fastest vert!:winks
Good job man! :worship Whats next?
Thanks Bill . . what's next? How about a 12.743 @ 109.72 this morning? :winks

See also the "Race Results" post.:happyhapp
Good job, man!

Thanks, bro! :)
congrats man...sure was well worth it eh :winks
Yep. The best part is . . . I'll get a 1099 from the folks at American Autosports . . . so . . . . I can write off every penny I've spent on my car when tax time comes around! :eyepoppin

Here's the best pic I got from the race . . . . Magazine Cover??? lol



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Submit it, see what happens
Nah. I figure I'll just scan a MM&FF cover and photoshop the picture in . . lol. Besides, there were a lot of photogs there from MM&FF and I'm sure they got some good pics of their own. I had a new best on Sunday of 12.743 @ 109.72.

I'm goin for the 11s this weekend. Going to take out the passenger seat, the back seat, run slicks and skinnies, and run nitro-methane in my alky injection. I doubt I'll get deep into the 11s, but I think I'll get there.:winks
Nice, 12.74 @ 109. The mph suggests more ET is there, especially with the slicks and skinnies and weight reduction.

So, what are your 60fts on the 12 second runs. Curious.
What did you run this last weekend.
Well . . . I broke a piston over the weekend on the first run. Basically, I ran 13.2 with a broken piston.

But . . as it happens . . opportunity knocks!! I just got a line on a very "built" 306 with a TKO and a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch through the guys at my shop. The motor has all forged internals, TFS High Port Heads, a nice cam and all the goodies. This motor has made 780RWHP on a turbo. . . . five grand for the whole package.

I went to look at the motor this morning and it looks great. The guys at my shop are going to scope it and do a compression check to make sure everything is ok. Assuming its ok, we are just going to drop it in the car. As long as we are in there, we are going to do the K member, coil overs, drag shocks, and control arms.

Its not my "dream" motor . . but its a darn good solution given my time restraints. Anyone lookin for a set of AFR 165s and a T5? :rolleyes:
What are you looking for out of the heads?
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