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Intoducing my 2005 Mustang GT

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Hello everyone!

I'm brand new to mustangs but I've always loved them. Thought I would tell a little story about how I came across mine.

Well, my first car was 1980 cj5 jeep, not great condition but not bad, and it costed 2200. I then stripped the car down to bare metal myself and had it painted a lime green by maaco, put it back together and it was clean bedliner and all, stuck it on craigslist(just to see what kind of offers i would get) and then some guy wanted to trade for a 1963 VW beetle 1776cc, the bug was clean mint purple and white paint with custom purple and white leather interiot, GT grant wheel, and a scat short shifter. After driving around in that and about to be in college Im majoring in film and televison and the bug just wasnt save enough to be carrying thousands of dollars in equipment so I threw that car on craigslist too. About a week later I got a call from some wanting to trade for a mustang, and I asked him to send some photos, He sent the photos and fell in love. It was the photos of the windviel blue 2005 mustang. I love the body of the 05-09, and had to check this out in person. We met up in person and I drove the completely stock mustang and just loved it, he drove the bug and fell in love too, we traded then and there, then went our seprate ways.

The End. =D
Check out the photo please!

This is my first post and if there is anything I should know please let me know, thanks!


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You should check out the cal mustangs club up in your area
Welcome to AFM, enjoy the site :yup: Nice looking ride !!!
Welcome to the site.
Thanks for the welcome!! =D
Hiya, welcome to the site.
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