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Introducing Tritchy to the world…

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This is a journey of the biggest project I have ever did in a car. Many have told me to hold in this information and sell it but all I thought about is giving back to Mustang community and all S197, this information could save it from been scrapped due to aging. Every part been done myself and I did my best to note down every detail of it. Sorry in advance if I missed something or the info wasn't clear in a way or another, sure will be here as much as I can to answer your questions.

This post will be edited with added information continuously. Enjoy :D

Let's start with small intro on Tritchy, it is 2008 Premium GT convertible. up till 2021 it was SC with Whipple and full handling upgrades as of brakes, suspension, rear diff with Torsan in. 483 RWHP, then I thought of the next possible upgrade for more HP but this will need engine internal upgrade, will, who doesn’t love the 5.0 Coyote’s? but GEN1 engines are not new anymore and I need to think of GEN2 still every swap I saw with the GEN2 it is running standalone from the car modules and that wasn't tempting. GEN1 interior is sweet upgrade I always liked as well, with that it all started, how can such a build of both combinations can meet both in Tritchy?

To be able to do this project lots of resources are needed such as wiring diagrams, technical details and so many more, everything been collected and needed can be found here: Ultimate Mustang Project

Was it success project? Yes (y)

Was it worth as of efforts and cost? Absolutely yes :D

Do I enjoy the new Tritchy drivability? You have no idea how much I enjoy it :love:

What is the result of this project? Fully renewed Mustang with newer interior, GEN2 5.0 that can be boosted up to 800+ HP and TR6060 transmission that can handle the HP and give in for fuel eco. This project parts are connected and it’s very much important to overview it fully if you plan on doing something similar.

The next video is for everything you need to know on how to do this project:

Next part is special build on the headlights, such a project needs something special and it needed to look unique, after all it has special combinations, so here how I did it. Do you like it?

Let the game begin and let’s start on the swap of the interior 2005-2009 to 2014, Part 3 of this project is to change the interior which needed for many reasons, here is the process I made. What do you think?

Fun part of the project has started and here where the body stay at metal only, do you dare to do so? believe me, it worth it!

Continue work on the wiring, remote start installing and I 5.0 is finally here 😍 Subscrip and stay in touch for any queastion 🤗

Another day another challenge, I/O is what its all about, sounds not complicated?

This is it, the last days and the question now, does this swap pay it maney/effort?

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