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IRS on Fox thoughts...and a few questions

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Sorry about the length guys, but I need to make a pretty quick decision regarding my current "commitment" to my car, and want to make sure I have everything covered

A rather good opportunity just came my way yesterday and I would like to get some thoughts:

A friend with a 2001 cobra w/ 30,000 KMS (about 18,500 miles) has offered me his IRS system for a good deal. As far as I know, it's the entire rear IRS system less calipers.

From what I have seen and read online, it has been done and works rather well. We haven't worked out all the fine details, but he is swapping for a 9" set up within a month and I sort of have to act quickly.

I'm not a "track" type guy who is all about the 1/4 mile...I've only been once, and see myself going 2x at most this year. For me its about comfort and handling with thoughts of road racing later on.

At the same time, I don't have a lot of money to throw at my car...the motor buildup is at least two years away, and I have been concentrating on suspension and braking for now.

Within the next month or so, I am going to completely remove my axle and give it a good cleaning, install torque box reinforcements, 3.73's, new control arms, SFC's and SSBC rear discs. I have all new parts in my basement but need new tires...and only have to worry about bolts and misc hardware.

I'm not concerned about labour or time...I have friends that would buy pretty much all my new stuff at for what I paid, maybe a little less, sell my pony's for a few $$, and have a few more $$'s to piece some additional things like tires, rims, and brakes.

Question time:

Is this worth the consideration? Should I bother? I believe he has ABS, I have to ask, but what it he does, would it matter?

Can I still use my FRPP 3.73's on the IRS rear end?

When finally done in 3 to 4 years, I plan on having 450 to 500 hp; is IRS, stock, good enough; or is it worthwhile to add a few things before installing?

If calipers aren't included, what type of braking system can I use? Are there a lot of interchangeable parts available?

Same thing about springs? I had planned on going front coil-overs and new control arms in the fronts anyways. I believe he rides a little higher than me now, what would be a good thing to do here

Anyways, thats about it for now...thanks for hanging in there:bigthumbsup
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I don't beleive it would be a good idea to convert your fox to IRS. There are many advantages to the live axle vs. IRS. Not to mention the serious hassle that job would be. I do understand why you would consider it. That would be a pretty rare set-up for a fox. At the same time...

Just becuase its a good deal, doesn't mean its worth buying.
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