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Is a gear change worth it ???

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Am closer to getting the saleen blower & when I bought up changing gears to say 4:10's , shop said with the Saleen it's not really necessary since they make most of their punch on the low end .

Any opinions to the contrary??

So far We got it down to:
Saleen Blower
New pulley
Axel back exhaust (probably bassani, other opinions on this ?)
39lb injectors
Cold Air Kit
Xcal 2
Dyno Tune for 91-93 oct.

Probably going to skip headers & Xpipe since The factory is already stainless 2 1/2 Mandrel bent pipes.

Well that's my pending set-up. Any other info or opinions as mentioned appreciated :yup:
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I think youll have traction issues with the 4.10's. I would consider 3.73's or 3.55's.
I had a set of 3.73s installed in my automatic before I get the Saleen Supercharger because my SVT Dealer told me to go with 3.73 (not 4.11)
with my automatic and a Saleen Supercharger...

Your call??? :yup: :yup: :yup: :yup:
05 gt's came stock with 3.55 no? I think for really any car 3.73 gives best all around bang.
The 2005 GT w/automatic came with a 3.31 ratio so the 3.73s that I had installed is actually 2 steps up from the stock gear set...

5 speeds came with 3.55s so getting a 4.11 is 2 or 3 steps up if you consider that the 3.90 ratio is a step...

My 3.73s still give me a great top end speed, however I still need that Saleen Supercharger to push my rocket into a new dimension...

Dave :scream:
go with atleast 4 10 4 30, youll be glad you did
I've always heard that a 4.10s are too steep for a forced induction application.

The new 05s have a much taller tire so the effect of 4.10s is not as bad than in the older stangs.
Quick thanks for the replies :worship 3.73's seem the most rational ..that's why i :hearton: this forum LOL .

Sal from Power Surge took me for a ride in his Saleen S/C'd GT..he worked w/ SVT to make what is in essence an 05 Cobra..Think he mentioned w/his pulley he's running around 12 lbs boost..Plus his other Mods...

Lemme tell you ..this thing was a ****ing Rocket ! :eyepoppin at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle felt like the space shuttle taking off...:happyhapp

The difference is staggering ...& he still has his stock 3.55's ..

I can't wait to get this done !!!

Big Thanks to whoever recommended him . :santa

I feel the Need for Speed Now :rollgrin:
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