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Is it worth it to change my stock MAF?

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My car has full exaust, cold air induction, bbk tb with my stock MAF. Is it worth it to upgrade it to 70mm MAS.[ stock injectors ]

Ghostdog has helped me out with this already...can anybody else?
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I went from stock MAF with GT40p heads, trickflow intake, heades, stock injectors , 3.73 gears etc and then added a 73mm maf meter. It was night and day difference. Think about it, you are going from 60mm to 73mm , thats 18% more air. The stock air meter is the main reason going from 88 to 89 years, the 88 was faster because it didnt have the tiny MAF meter inbetween the TB and filter.
thats what I thought too...more air the better, but mabey I should be changing my intake and heads before I even touch the MAF.

The amature that I am I put 70mm tb on without the egr spacer so It's not really doing anything at all. Didn't feel a thing but I guess I wouldnt.Im learning with trial and error and thanks to people like ghostdog and the rest of you on this forum, Its helping me learn with a lot less error...thanx everyone!!!
I think I might just buy my MAF then start on my heads and intake...thinking of trickflow it seems reasonably priced
Just remember the more air the more fuel you need to really make it work well.
go with the air meter,go with the tb,go with the intake and the performance increase.nothing wrong with that.
what heads should I go with?

Anybody know what are some good heads out there for my 91,and how many hours do you think it would take to install?

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