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Is it worth rebuilding rack?

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Shop jus quoted me 680 bucks to replace my rack which is leaking. The car has been sitting for about 4 years so i believe its just a matter of seals drying up. Everything feels tight minus my alignment issue (very common here in clovis NM and the wonderful high quality of rodes here) i found a rebuild kit for the rack on rock auto's website. Has any one ever rebuilt one? I saw some posts about flushing the system running ATF and stop leak in it. Is the stop leak ok to use with the hydroboost? Whats the best stuff to use for flushing? Should i try this first before i tear into the rack?
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I got a rebuilt Termi rack for $300...if you can do the work to replace it, it is the way to go, it has a better "turn in" and fewer turns lock to lock
Sweet deal! Thank you. Btw ive seen posts questioning your 250k supercharger motor, just thought of it now have you ever seen the million mile econoline? I believe it was a 2v 4.6. Im on your side on that discussion! Lol these motors are prety rugged! Lol
I'm usually not one to promote "snake oil" additives of any sort, but on a very minor p/s leak I had a few years ago (was coming from beneath the reservoir somewhere) I used Lucas p/s stop leak and it worked. My best guess though in your situation is a new/rebuilt rack is in order.

As far as flushing, just use regular p/s fluid.
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I think im going to try the stop leak stuff first. Maby i can limp it till taxes come back. Its really not that horrible of a leak never the less its still a leak lol i usually add about 1/4 to 1/2 a reservoir every couple days. Worst case maby by the time taxes come back it will already be flushed! Lol
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Just be carefull...... my driver side inner tie rod seal was barely leaking for months then 1 morning it blew out and I had no brakes and no power steering (hydro boost) on my way to work. Very sketchy. A few junk autozone racks later I have 1 that is not leaking but I check it all the time. It takes me like 20 minutes to swap my rack out now cause I've done it so much so you should be able to do it yourself. Good luck
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