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Is my 75mm bbk throttle body overkill for an N/A 01 gt?

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hey guys i have a 01gt 5 speed. i have done all of the the bolt-ons like k&n cai, bbk underdrive pulleys, 75mm bbk plenum combo, 3:73 gears, magnaflow exhaust, predator tuner with a diablo tune. my question is if the tb i have is over kill? and is it robbing me of that oh so precious hp? i keep reading that its over kiill to have a 75mm without having it supercharged. is this true and what else can i do to up the hp without goin into the internals of the engine? I havent dynoed it yet but how much horse do you guys think im pushing so far? im assuming alot of you guys have had the same mods at some time or another and have had it dynoed. thanks in advance.
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just a bit though. certainly not worth it to go buy a 70mm one though.
C and L has information....

This information is obviously specific to use with C and L plenums but may still be helpful.

C&L Intake Plenum For 2V 4.6L Mustangs
Go with a bbk's new 78mm thers a video for it and they put it on a 96 stock car and it gave it 15hp! Thats what im going with! 260.00 delivered to your house at jegs!
bbk's 78mm tb/plenum is $250 shipped to your house from american muscle;).
Ok thanks mello saving all the money you can is great thanks for the info!
A 75mm will work fine for you, its not like a carb where its easy to have overkill, the throttle body doesn't meter the fuel fow so there's a lot more room to err on the side of bigger.
you guys have been alot of help thank you very much. this aint the last you hear of me. lol.
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