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Is my 95 GTs speedometer electric or cable driven?

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Speedometer works intermittently . . . anyone know a fix?

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Its electric.
It's cable driven. You may want to get underneath the car and inspect the drive gear. It could be worn as they are made out of plastic.
That's one vote for electric and one vote for cable driven . . . :doh:

Guess I'll climb on under and see . . . but ssin' as it's 115 here . . . I'm gonna wait a bit.
Maybe one of us is misunderstanding where the connection is, the reason I said its electric is because Ive removed my gauge cluster and from what I recall there were 2 electric cables connecting into it at the back.

So I could be wrong, maybe there is a cable connection some where but I just didnt see it. (Not where the cluster connects anyway.)
Well . . . the verdict appears to be in . . . I think. There is a 2 wired clip that plugs into the driver's side of the tranny. One of the wires had been cut and (poorly) spliced by someone before I got the car. Anyway, I reconnected the wire and the speedo works fine. I looked for a cable, but didn't see one. But, I didn't look that carefully.

I think the clip is for the spped sensor for the cruise control. Thus, I am led to believe that the speedo is electric. Until I get under it again, that is. :so
It IS electric. Pull the fuse for the radio and overhead light and watch the speedo not work.

Sounds like you have a bad wire. Solder the wire back together and use shrink wrap.
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