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IS Radiator Support bolted or welded in.

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Quick question, I am restoring (or attempting to restore :shiny:) my 68 and I noticed a good size hole in the cross-member of the radiator support. I realize I need to replace the whole thing (Radiator and cross-member), but from a quick glance it looks like it is bolted in ??? Is it bolted or welded ??? Any advice on replacement ??

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If you unbolt it and it doesn't come out, I would check for spot welds, i know that's how they are now. might be hard to see if painted over.

I am going to unbolt as much of it as I can and go from there, just didn't know if someone else had already changed the support on a 68'... Thanks for the advice 2005GT:bigthumbsup.
I just replaced one on a 72 and it was spotwelded in.
They are spot welded all over the place, especially the bottom. Take a grinder or a buffer disk and you can see them all. Most of the bolts in it are from the brackets to the bumper and front panels.
Its welded in on the early mustangs.Get a spot weld cutter and have fun.

Thanks everyone...:bigthumbsup

:waveyHi Spike, dne' here.
I've been working on my '67 coupe for quite some time, and I too replaced my entire radiator support. I also replaced my strut channels too cause they welded to the radiator support and what the heck, I'm glad I did! If you need a battery apron, this is the time to replace it too! One thing keeps leading to another in replacing things! It's totally spot welded in. Be sure to take plenty of photos and measurements! Keep all braces in place when removing the entire thing, cause it will kind of Pop when the last welds are undone(it may go wide, or narrow depending on how the stressors are on the support). The shock tower braces and the little brace that goes just in front of the steering linkage need to be in place. You can purchase spot weld cutters from Harbor freight pretty cheaply, but are u going to weld it back together, do you have a mig welder handy?

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