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is this a good choice for my 1989 5.0?

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i just bought a 1989 mustang gt 5.0 convertible and want to change out the exhaust system, from headers back...did some searching and found this MAC 79-93 Chrome Headers H Pipe Cat Back 5.0 Mustang | eBay

is this a good choice? or is there something else i should get? im going for loudness.
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any thing is better then stock :kooky: but really ther good my buddy got the mac short headers sounds good
Start with your headers....

Long tubes or shorties?

X pipe or H pipe? Off road of course....

Mufflers? Spend 2 hours on youtube and listen to them all and decide.
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back when I had more hair on the top of the head my 89 GT had the MAC Equal Length shorties,off road H-Pipe and Dyno-Max 2.5 Catback:bigthumbsup
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