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is this a hood or a Decal?

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the black part on the hood.which one is it, whats it called and where can i find it.



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That looks like the Foose hood and the black is painted.
either the chip foose or the cervini's cut out for the shaker to fit.
Definitely looks like the Foose Shaker hood.
Yeah it looks like a Foose hood, and the black is just the paint job...
CDC (Classic Design Concepts) sells that hood with or without the opening for the shaker scoop (they also sell the shaker scoop kit). Price on their website for either is $1040.

CDC part # 0511-7009-01 - Without Flanged Hole
CDC part # 0511-7010-01 - With Flanged Shaker
Likely, the black part is painted, and not a decal.
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