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Is this a reasonable price for an exhaust job?

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I have a 2000 Mustang GT and my stock exhaust is all messed up. The tail pipes keep hitting my axle when I go over bumps, my left muffler is crooked, and the hangers are about to break off. I took my car to a reputable exhaust shop and they gave me these three options with prices.
1. Adjust left muffler, 2 new tail pipes....$200
2. 2 new flowmaster 44s, 2 new tailpipes.....$450
3. Buy my own catback system and they install it.....$150

I'm leaning towards choice #2 because I want to upgrade the sound, but a catback system is out of my price range. Which is the best choice here? And if you can think of something better, post it on here.

By the way, my dad and I have no experience working on exhaust so we have to get it done professionally.

Also, these prices are including tax and install.
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I vote for #2 also, sometimes the wallet dictates what options you have, you'll be fine with fine with #2.
"buy the best you'll never be disappointed"...I'd just go for #2 and smile all the way down the road
I would install yourself. Get some ramps or jack stands and a 3 ton jack. I got all of the above at Sears for around $140 on a sale. If you already have them great but having them sets you up to work on all future projects and save moola.

Installing an exhaust is very simple. You need a 1/2 inch socket wrench and some deep sockets.
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get your own catback and install yourself!
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