Breaking: New photos of Ford's new Mustang-based SUV, the...Feroeoxjl. At least we think that's what that badge says.

Ok, this is clearly not a vehicle that ever got the blessings of anyone working at Dearborn, but it's definitely an interesting take on a Mustang crossover. It's what looks to be a second-generation Explorer that's had an S197 Mustang's nose grafted on.

While it was posted to Car Mods[/URL] on Reddit last week, we're not sure we agree with that assessment. Because while it's not exactly to everyone's tastes, it actually looks to be well integrated. Especially the front fenders. Where everything goes astray, of course, is that extra set of taillights going full Wagon King Family Truckster on the rear hatch. Even the inset license plate and roll pan exhaust tips aren't bad, they're just very late 1990s minitruck and not so much of the era of either of these base vehicles.

So we'll call it awful taste but good execution because someone clearly spent some time making this first-generation Mach-E prototype. Call it the Expltang, or maybe the Mustsplorer, either way, we love that massive and useless chrome front bumper as well as the airliner-sized side steps.

Let us know if you like it, or if you're hoping that flammable barrel beside it takes this hybrid out of its misery.