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Is this the correct tail lights on an 85?

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I'm looking to get and 85 convertible and I stumbled across this one:

Let me know if this car has the correct tail lights for an 85 - I don't think so...

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1stPny said:
the tailights that belong on that car are the same as a 1993 cobra, 84-86 SVo. Those are LX tailights from 87+
No, the Cobra lights are not the same as the 85-86 non-SVO
looks good, other than the jerk put in door speakers....the wheels, hell, I sold a set of 10 holes for $25....nobody wants them, and the leather is not that hard, you can get kits for under $1000, and labor would not be too much
Young_Buck said:
As far as the rims go? Didn't the '86s come with the 4 lugs? If it is, and I think so, than you wouldn't be able to go back to the original wheels because those rims have 5 lugs.
count again, there are 4 on those 1995 Cobra R knock-off's
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