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It never fails!!!

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Thanksgiving HOLIDAY was as usual busy for the wife and my kids. Friday the shop was closed as usual. And i was their with JR working on the MIDNIGHTER. When a customer showed up at the door with a flat bed. On it was a Turbo Coupe and it wreaked of GAS. Jr and i just looked at each other. I kind of new what was wrong and so did JR. The guy introduced himself and was sent to us by the local dealer. Jeff is my buddy over at FORD and they always send me the COUPES. Well as i suspected this car had an aftermarket Fuel Pressure REGULATOR. And that is fine. One problem they are HEAVY. And they will break the rail if my mod is not dun to it. Sure enough the rail was cracked. I can fix the broken rail and that is fine but i wanted to fix this car fast. The rail as far as i know is OBSOLETE. So off to the trailer for one of my modified stock rails. I installed it set the fuel pressure and all was good in the world for a new customer. Here is the issue at hand. Anyone with experience with this engine knows the rails fail. Especially with an aftermarket heavy regulator. So for all interested here is another one of my MODS. You have to make a simple bracket to support the heavier regulator. And below is how it is DUN!!!! A quick piece of flat stock a few whizzes with the SAW ZALL a few blows with a ball peen and some sparks and a whiff of ozone fumes from my MILLER and Presto reinforced bracket that works flawlessly and supports the heavier regulator quite nicely. Hope this is of help for the 2.3 fans out their Thanks Peace Tom:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup

The customer went from MAD To my best friend in 30 seconds. As he was told by the dealer the part was OBSOLETE!!!

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Well when government fears the people you have freedom and power and a will to succeed. When the people feer the government you are FUC%^* Thanks and peace tom. By the way i am afraid of this government. Very afraid sorry to say. WE ARE SCREWED BIG TIME!!!:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup
most true words i have heard in awhile. i hope the southern and midwestern states will seceed (did i spell that right?) and become the CSA.
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