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It's finally done... sort of...

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I posted a post on here with pix of my 'Stang when my b/f hit her... well she is finally fixed. Sort of... The fender was pulled out and painted. My insurance lied to me and told me they gave him enough money to blend the paint, well they didn't. Plus he had to buy 2 diff. color reds b/c of my paint color. So, I'm just here to say insurance is a rip and next year I'm putting PLPD on my 'Stang since I have to pretty much pay more out of my pocket than my insurance will pay if anything happens to her. Now, I am awaiting spring so he can blend her all over. I do have pix that I will post later if anyone is interested. But my paint has faded so much it looks like someone bled all over my fender, he-he!