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Its Here - Pics inside

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After three long months, my new 2011 GT is sitting in my garage.

I've only driven it about 10 miles so far, but so far its very impressive. As others have posted here, sound is a bit mild, but above 4k RPM, it pulls like a freight train.

First pic of me with my old baby, an '02 GT.

Also, a special shout-out to JohnnyB. He got shut down right around when mine was shipping, but he gave me more info than any Ford or dealership employee. Thanks bro!

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Wow. VERY NICE. :bigthumbsup

You said above 4000 it pulls like a train? I'm guessing this means you wrapped the motor up? Do these cars not require a break in period?
Wondered how the stripe would look with a scoop, and I think it looks GREAT !
Very nice car, have fun and put more miles on it.
Good lookin' ride, brother! Congrats:bigthumbsup
Looks GREAT! Mine just got into a train today!!
Very Nice. Enjoy the holiday weekend with the new Stang.
very can always adjust the sound if you want.
Very sweet. love the over the top stripe as well.
That's the first black with white stripe I've seen. I've gotta say, it looks sweet!. Congrats bro, and enjoy.
Very nice car. Stripe looks great, esp with scoop.
guy you're blocking the car!

lol j/k it looks amazing man congratulations, and enjoy!
Looks really sharp, I have same car, but went w/o stripe. I like the scoop.
Now you've got me wanting stripes. Very nice.
.........I'm guessing this means you wrapped the motor up? Do these cars not require a break in period?
I hit the rev limiter in the first 500 miles - Oops. was not paying close enough attention. BTW the whole dash glows red when you hit the limiter.:bigthumbsup 2200 miles and still running strong. My auto tech instructor, with many years of experience said, "drive it how you want it to perform. If you want a fast engine, break it in hard!"
Besides, short, wimpy drives do nothing but build condensation in the crankcase and promote carbon buid up in the combustion chambers.
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VERY nice.
Looks great. have fun with it.

WOW! I absolutely love the white over the top stripes on your new Black 'Stang! A really sharp car and I sure wish you and your family the VERY best with your new baby! Thanks for posting pics so quickly and enjoy your new BEAST this holiday weekend and be safe and take care and please keep us updated on your experiences and opinions. Take care, Jack :bigthumbsup
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