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JBA LT rattling

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Anyone with JBA LT's have an obscene amount of vibration after install. Also have JBA offroad H and Magnaflows...Its so bad I think something is going to fall off! Took it to several exhaust dealers to check for leaks and proper installation and all is well according to them. I contacted steeda prior to install and asked if different motor mounts were necessary and they said NO, THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM...(I bought LT's from them). Anybody encounter this or similar problems and are there any solutions??? Any help would be appreciated.
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Mine don't vibrate, but I had HD motor mounts installed with mine. Crawling (or just reaching) under there, you can see there is *very* little clearance to the frame and I've read posts from a couple of people who didn't put beefier motor mounts on and had their LT headers hit the frame. Could be your issue.
I've heard of this problem before with the JBA headers. You are going to need some new motor mounts to stop the rattle.
I really refrain from slamming other brands regarding mods but, reading this I can't help but say, this is a crock of Sh!t. That issue sounds real bad and the thing is you will have to pay a shop all over again to swap motor mounts. The directions/ salesman should have noted this in advance.

I would be livid.

I'm glad I researched my Kooks and knew in advanced no such issues would be involved.
Good luck with this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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