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NO GROUP BUYS!! It's against policy! We're trying to fix it (legality (liability) issues.) Please refrain from posting them for now!

Me too love a good deal but we can't have these just yet!

Thanks! kj
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Here's the link I found

My question is...who is doing the tune on the SCT for this group buy? The website lists a few approved tuners. I was considering buying a package through Brenspeed. Brent at Brenspeed is listed as one of their approved tuners. If we get his tune with this package then I'm probably in.
Gig4Fun said:
Howabouta JLT link so I can see how it compares to the C&L?
Thanks for the clarification Waxed. Now off to do a little research before I decide if I'm in or not.
Waxed'05 GT said:
When buying the combo from JLT... JLT has the SCTs programmed already. The site states that they worked closely with SCT to develop the tune.
If you buy the JLT intake system ONLY then you must obtain your own tune, that is where the approved tuners come into play.
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