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NO GROUP BUYS!! It's against policy! We're trying to fix it (legality (liability) issues.) Please refrain from posting them for now!

Me too love a good deal but we can't have these just yet!

Thanks! kj
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When buying the combo from JLT... JLT has the SCTs programmed already. The site states that they worked closely with SCT to develop the tune.
If you buy the JLT intake system ONLY then you must obtain your own tune, that is where the approved tuners come into play.
IndianaJones said:
My question is...who is doing the tune on the SCT for this group buy? The website lists a few approved tuners. I was considering buying a package through Brenspeed. Brent at Brenspeed is listed as one of their approved tuners. If we get his tune with this package then I'm probably in.
I can't think of any issues unless it relates to the relationships this site has with its current advertisers.

I have the list thus far, and since we can't post here, maybe anyone interested can simply pm me with any questions or interest.

Sorry, kj, I did not realize not allowed. PM'ing is ok though, no?
Next thing I will resort to is personal e-mail if I must.
Waxed'05 GT said:
NO GROUP BUYS!! It's against policy! We're trying to fix it (legality (liability) issues.) Please refrain from posting them for now!

Me too love a good deal but we can't have these just yet!

Thanks! kj
So far I have about 5 or so that are in, I'm still taking PM's on this JLT/SCT combo if interested.
I looked all over the magazine's website and no dice. I guess I'll have to wait a week or so for my monthly subscription to be delivered.

Why u holdin out on us like that KJ???
I will find out from JLT how much just for the intake. The tuner from Brenspeed is a wonderful idea since they can support the tuner and future mods. I just wonder how they can do "custom tunes" without having the car there. Maybe they test everything as it becomes available.

Brnrkm, try to find out if they will offer a discount, many of us are getting anxious.:tongue
I just e-mailed Jay Tucker at JLT to get some more on the specifics. I'm sure the Brenspeed tune is the same since they are an "authorized tuner". I also know that for future mods I would like to get tunes relatively inexpensive for the "smaller mods" such as the charge motion delete plates which are msrp for $199 and can add 10hp, but you can lose 20+ hp without the tune. I would rather pay $25 for each future tune than $100 for each tune just because I did not buy the tuner from them. It does feel that JLT focuses on one thing, its CAI. That's good, and that's why its the best, but does no justice for future mods.

... ok ok I'm gettin off the soap box.
Yes, no rush.. there is plenty of time.
I just got an e-mail back from Jay Tucker of JLT. Looks like the 5% is off, unless groups of 2 can get together for the 5% (screw the $10 savings, too much of a hassle, sorry fellas) :(
I'm still gonna buy his intake though.

My questions:

So far I have about 8 people serious about purchasing the CAI and some of them are interested in the CAI X-2 kit.
1. Does the 5% discount apply to whatever they buy? (Some are looking to buy the tuner from
Brenspeed so that they have future "service" on tuner after the sale.)
2. What do you mean by "help with shipping"?
3. How do we go about making the purchase individually and still receiving the discount?
I have told everyone interested in the forum I frequent that I was waiting for a final count the end of this week before ordering.

Thanks and congrats on the January article in 5.0 I look forward to getting my monthly subscription so that I may read the article. (I found out about the article from a link to modular fords website. The user by the name of Stoenr that responded to you is in on the group buy as well)

Thanks again!!!

His response:
1) Yes, but I was under the impression it was going to be a package deal.
2) In order to help with shipping orders will need to go to the same address. This way I can box kits together and get a better rate.
3) I would prefer I get payment from one person for the deal.
I think there was a misunderstanding. I'm not having a sale and if I have 10 separate people call me and place a order expecting a discount, that's a sale. Then I get into a situation with others who call and find out after the fact they didn't get a discount.
If you would like to get payment from a few people and have them shipped to the same address I'd me more then happy to help you guys out. This was my understanding of the situation.
Feel free to call if you have any questions.

Jay Tucker
JLT Performance
757 335 1940 (Phone)
757 546 2636 (Fax)
Where did you find that price of $600? Their website shows an MSRP on $749.
Fleg said:
Now that I've shopped around more I've noticed what I thought was a great deal might not be.
The JLT CAI and SCT is $555 but the C&L and SCT is $600. For the CAI's being so much different in price (JLT=175, C&L=350) I find it kind of hard to believe that the total package is only $45 difference.
You make some very good points, but in regards to the above statement... Tuneable Inductions only had a prototype available at time of testing which included a closed end filter and I believe lacked a heat shield. With the addition to the two aforementioned parts the shootout judges would have nothing at all bad to say about this particular CAI.
brnrkm said:
Tunable Induction has a lot of theory to back up the engineering on keeping stuff cool but JLT managed to pull more horsepower in the 5.0 Magazine dyno test, go figure.
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