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NO GROUP BUYS!! It's against policy! We're trying to fix it (legality (liability) issues.) Please refrain from posting them for now!

Me too love a good deal but we can't have these just yet!

Thanks! kj
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Where are all of these site policys listed?

ultraclyde said:
I totally respect whatever site policy exists. Those ads let us have a free site.
Just read it. What guideline specifically rules out group buys?
another thing, where is the classified section? I'm just not seeing it in the main forum page.
LOL. yeah I just realized that was there. I could have sworn that there used to be a link from the main forums page. Could be wrong...

kj_cinci said:
It's the big blue link above here, saying CLASSIFIEDS... :winks
got a link?

vynle said:
tunable inductions cai looks pretty good . comes with a 95mm maf housing. sct2 tuner for $599. not bad.vynle.:eyepoppin
Now that I've shopped around more I've noticed what I thought was a great deal might not be.
The JLT CAI and SCT is $555 but the C&L and SCT is $600. For the CAI's being so much different in price (JLT=175, C&L=350) I find it kind of hard to believe that the total package is only $45 difference. It shows the Diablo but they said they can substitute the SCT.
Also found a ebay listing for the same thing and buy it now price set at $599.
aaahhh, Friday plus Veterans day!!
Stoenr, have you had time to think about it??
Cause I just found this;
$575 for Xcal 2 and Tunable Induction CIA from Modular Depot.
EDIT: guess that was wrong. Shipping is $10.
Well, I went to order my Tunable Induction / Xcalibrator 2 Special from Modular Depot but when I go to check out it is asking for a PCM/EEC code if I'm also getting a tuner. Where can I find this code?? Does this even apply to the 05-06 Mustang GTs?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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