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NO GROUP BUYS!! It's against policy! We're trying to fix it (legality (liability) issues.) Please refrain from posting them for now!

Me too love a good deal but we can't have these just yet!

Thanks! kj
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Im on the deal!
Cant you or admin just move this thread into the classified section? Problem solved.
I havnt seen this new C&L yet, got a link?
Thats what im talking about!!
WEll, if were paying 175 for the CAI, that would make the tuner 352.00. Figure 527 for the both with the 5% disc.

But find out more info. Its not like I need to rush this.
ugh, lol. Oh well. Ordered some OE bullits and Snow tires just now anyway, CAI and tune can wait after winter.
Thanks for the info kj. makes sense.
Interesting. Again, too drunk to think about now. Fridays are nice to have off.........
Fleg said: It shows the Diablo but they said they can substitute the SCT.
Bah! I still dont know what Ill go with for sure.
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